About Skin NV

“The Destination Will Be The Same, The Journey Is Your Choice.”
– Dr. Natasha Verma

A Doctor-Led Aesthetics Clinic

Skin NV, established in 2018, is a sanctuary for individuals with skin and hair concerns. Founded by Dr Verma, whose passion for aesthetic medicine, scientific research, artistry, and lifestyle medicine has been pivotal in shaping Skin NV into a supportive environment. Here, patients are equipped with the tools to achieve and sustain the healthy hair and radiant skin they aspire to. Skin NV is renowned for its compassionate approach, notably enhancing patients’ self-confidence.

Current Projects & Future Goals

With increased interest in Medical Aesthetic treatments, Skin NV is delighted to announce plans to expand clinic appointments, offering greater flexibility for our valued patients.

Responding to patient feedback and interest, Skin NV is also exploring the introduction of new devices. These include HydraFacial to enhance skin and scalp treatments and a laser hair removal device designed to reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation after shaving or waxing treatments.

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University of Newcastle upon Tyne & Queen Mary’s University, London.


MSc AesthMed (Hons)

Dr. NV

Medical Director & CEO Of Skin NV
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Professional skin care solutions from a qualified doctor.



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The Story Of Skin NV

In Dr Natasha Verma’s Own Words….

Natasha's Vision

Dr Natasha Verma, an expert in managing acne in Asian skin types and addressing hair loss among Asians, is registered with the General Dental Council and fully qualified and insured to provide the services offered by Skin NV. 

She believes in the power of knowledge and applies her learning to enhance her clinical skills, ensuring her clients receive ethical and evidence-based care. Committed to reshaping her clients’ approach to self-care and self-confidence, she aims to make a meaningful impact through education and experience.

Dr NV is fully registered with the General Dental Council and is fully qualified and insured to implement the services offered by Skin NV. For guidance and support through your skin and hair journey, please never hesitate to contact Dr NV.

The Skin NV way


To help you prioritise yourselves, improve your self-confidence & to make you feel comfortable in your skin by addressing your aesthetic concerns in the most holistic and practical manner possible.


We believe every individual & their concerns are unique, and that they deserve undivided attention and bespoke approaches. That’s why we consider our consultation sessions as a vital opportunity to listen to you.


Your journey & experience are as important as the outcome so we ensure that your journey continues even after you walk out the doors. We are keen to keep in touch & offer tricks & tips for a healthy, glowing you.

Here’s What Our Lovely Clients Are Saying…

We wanted to share with you some of the skin and hair journeys we have been involved in. Thank you to all our clients who have taken the time to share such kind words.