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“The Destination Will Be The Same, The Journey Is Your Choice”

– Dr Natasha Verma,
The Asian Skin Doctor

The Story of Skin NV

In Dr Natasha Verma's Own Words....

It all started on a normal hospital shift. A 33-year old lady had been attacked. I was the junior doctor assisting in her surgery to minimise the scars; to hide the fact that this traumatic event happened.
She was extremely anxious; why wouldn’t she be?
Surgery is not a decision to be taken lightly. The mental impact that the decision had on her was disturbing for me, but accepting the scars was not an option for her. She did not want to be reminded of the incident. For her, surgery was the only solution to remove this nightmare from her memory.
Are these the only options? Acceptance of scars or invasive and risky surgery? Is there no other solution?
Yes, there is! Six years and much experience later, Skin NV is born.


Meet Dr Natasha Verma,
The Asian Skin Doctor

                      Dr Natasha Verma is a well-respected and established aesthetic doctor with a specialist interest in Asian skin. Her interest in aesthetic medicine combined with her passion in scientific research, artistry and lifestyle medicine set the foundations of Skin NV. She is deemed an expert in the management of acne in Asian skin types and hair loss in Asians. 

Qualified in Bachelor of Dental Sciences from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in 2009, Dr NV has gained over 10 years of unparalleled experience within numerous dental and surgical specialities including head & neck surgery and plastic surgery. 

Her articles have been featured in NicheJobs and The Aesthetic Journal and as a true academic, Dr NV is currently pursuing her final year of the Masters (MSc) Aesthetic Medicine programme at Queen Mary’s University, London.

Knowledge Is Power

She firmly believes that knowledge is power and applies her learning to her clinical skills; providing her clients with ethical and evidence-based approaches. Dr NV is committed to change how her clients prioritise self-care and self-confidence and strives to make a change through education and experience.

While she enjoys travelling for further education, keeping up-to-date with advancements in active products, treatments and technology in this field, she is proud to call Isleworth her home. Dr NV is a mother to a beautiful boy and motherhood has motivated her further to ensure that well-being and confidence are encouraged in those that feel that they have little control over their bodies or their lives.

Dr NV is fully registered with the General Dental Council and is fully qualified and insured to implement the services offered by Skin NV. 

For guidance and support through your skin and hair journey, please never hesitate to contact Dr NV.

Dr Natasha Verma, The Asian Skin & Hair Doctor, Skin NV Clinics London, UK

Aesthetic Doctor
Medical Director & CEO of Skin NV
GDC 178033

The Skin NV Way

Skin nv london skin clinic


To help you prioritise yourselves, improve your self-confidence & to make you feel comfortable in your skin by addressing your aesthetic concerns in the most holistic and practical manner possible.

Skin nv london skin clinic


We believe every individual & their concerns are unique, and that they deserve undivided attention and bespoke approaches. That's why we consider our consultation sessions as a vital opportunity to listen to you.

Skin nv london skin clinic

After Care

Your journey & experience are as important as the outcome so we ensure that your journey continues even after you walk out the doors. We are keen to keep in touch & offer tricks & tips for a healthy, glowing you.

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We are here to listen and understand your concerns. A detailed consultation will allow for a thorough assessment of what we can do to help you.


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