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Is Asian Skin & Hair That Different?

Asians are different from other races. It is not only their physical appearance but also the way to care for their hair. Asians have a unique strategy while looking after the health of their sensitive skins – they may use a variety of products that seem odd or even bizarre for other people.

The Asian Skin & Hair Care routine is different from the Western because Asian women are very conscious about their hair condition. Asians cannot afford to lose their hair since having a healthy head of hair is an important sign of femininity in Asia, just as much as fair skin.

The other factor that makes them different is their preference for mild products with brightening ingredients because they have a different skin tone and texture from Caucasians. They have a thicker dermis, which means that Asian women’s skin is much harder to penetrate.

The best way for them to care for their hair and skin is to use products formulated specifically for Asians specially designed to address the differences between Asian and Western skin types. These products contain ingredients renowned to maintain healthy skin, maintaining moisture content and nutrition through enzymes, proteins, amino acids and nucleic acids.

Skin NV is using only the best products and technologies available in the market, to guarantee only the best results possible, tailored to their clients, individually.

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Your concerns & your individuality matters. That's why we aim to deliver personalised experiences & treatments to address your face, body & hair related concerns. This approach increases the chances of a successful outcome.

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As you make progress in your skin journey, your skin care regimes will progress with you. Factoring in your lifestyle demands,the regimes are modified to ensure we meet our realistic goal.

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What our clients say

shehnaz raniwalla
shehnaz raniwalla
24 August 2023
Dr Verma, is amazing. I am having a micro needling. She took the time to hear my concerns. To work on being blemish free and even out my skin tone. I have a few previous spot scars. Having had a treatment from Dr Verma before I knew I was in good hands. She was great during the session, ensuring that I had time to acclimatise the sensation of the micro needling. Even post treatment I had a few concerns, she alleviated them quickly and easily. I would highly recommend her. Thank you Dr Verma.
Collin Stacy
Collin Stacy
20 June 2023
My lower lip always has been fuller than my upper lip. After some research on Google, I can across the lip flip treatment. Did not even know this existed. But I am glad I found Skin NV in London, where I had my lip flip treatment. The treatment itself was quick and painless. Dr Natasha explained everything to me in detail before starting, which put me at ease. I can already see the results, and very pleased with my upper lip looking fuller. I still need a couple of days to see the full result, but so far, I am very happy.
Melissa Forsdick
Melissa Forsdick
14 June 2023
Last week, I visited Skin NV for a lip enhancement procedure with Dr Natasha. The consultation was thorough & informative - Dr Natasha took her time to explain all the details of the procedure, including the type of dermal filler she recommends for my lips. Thanks to Dr Natasha's expertise and skills, the lip filler procedure was painless. I only felt slight discomfort, but nothing unbearable. My lips look great now - they are fuller, but still look natural, just like I wanted them to be!
Kareena Sohal
Kareena Sohal
31 May 2023
I came to Dr Verma with multiple concerns, the main one being eczema on my face. I’ve seen significant improvement in the past 6 months and Dr Verma has been very helpful answering questions and reassuring through the process. It’s been one of the first clinics I’ve been to where I haven’t felt treatments or products are pushed on you with Dr Verma recommending a slow approach for my skin for the best results. Would highly recommend!!
Natalia Nassief
Natalia Nassief
10 May 2023
I started my treatments with having a lot of hyper pigmentation and scarring from my hormonal acne and skin tags from PCOS. In only less than 3 months I have seen a massive improvement with my hyperpigmentation and hardly get any more pimples because of trusting this process. Skin NV has great peels that are not too harsh on your skin yet really effective. In addition, she recommends great products that are tailor made for what your skin type needs leaving you with the best possible treatments for your skin. I would highly recommend!
Niki Shah
Niki Shah
20 April 2023
Dr Verma, is amazing. I had a consult at her clinic. She took the time to hear my skin concerns of acne scarring. She then was able to suggest some great products for my skin. She also tailored made a microneedling treatment plan to help my skin issues. The treatments have taken place at her clinic. Following the treatment and skincare plan, I feel like my skin looks so much better and have reduced the amount of concealer and foundation I previously used. Thank you Dr Verma for all your help
Shanty Khane
Shanty Khane
21 March 2023
I have my lip fillers here regularly and Dr Natasha is a very good professional, very polite and friendly and has always made me look great. So I rate her highly.
Guy Preiya
Guy Preiya
22 December 2022
Dr Natasha Verma is professional, knowledgeable. She is very friendly and easy to talk to who understood my concerns and created a personal treatment plan along with prescribed products for me and recommended some great skin products to target my problem areas, especially the skin texture and dark circles. I have been using the products and since feel like my skin texture has improved and also the tightness around the eyes is reduced. I've still got a long way to go where I would feel comfortable going out without any concealer but I feel like I am on the right path. She is lovely to work with and made me feel comfortable, she was not biased or pushed to get only particular brand, she looked into the science and study behind the products to ensure they will work for the targetwed areas. I found her very flexible and accommodating, her sense of humour made any painful treatment bearable, she was very gentle and caring. She always kept in touch to check up and reminded me of the after care required. In summary I would highly recommend her to anyone who feels they need this kind of skin treatments. I would highly recommend SkinNV
Sundar Rapaka
Sundar Rapaka
15 December 2022
Thank you so much for your kind concern in regard to my health and providing me with excellent medical care towards my skin. I am most grateful for your kindness whenever I see you.
Raghav Wadhawan
Raghav Wadhawan
21 September 2022
Got my hair loss treatment from Skin NV using the micro-needling. Can’t recommend enough. Great results and improvement within a few weeks. Good follow up and evaluation.

Meet Dr. NV

Dr Natasha Verma is an established aesthetic doctor with a specialist interest in skin and hair.

Her interest in Aesthetic Medicine combined with her passion for scientific research, artistry, and lifestyle medicine set the foundations of Skin NV.

While continuing virtual consultations for her clients across the globe, she also has different London clinic locations in Barnes, Sheen and Richmond, for in-clinic consultations and treatments.