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It’s fair to say that for many of us, hair is linked to both self-confidence and identity. Now, it is natural to lose around 100 hairs per day, but for some, it can be a lot more, which is when you may start looking for the best hair loss treatment. 

Now, whilst several factors can contribute to hair loss, there are effective hair loss treatment methods are available to help stimulate growth, including Collagen Induction Therapy, which is one of the most common and effective treatments on the market. 

In this blog, we will look at some of the causes of hair loss and how Collagen Induction Therapy works to address it.   

What causes hair loss?

Before looking at the best hair loss treatment to help you on your journey, we advise that you first identify the initial cause of your hair loss to rule out any underlying medical conditions which may need to be addressed by your GP. 

Now, when looking at hair thinning or loss, it is typically men who experience it. However, it can affect women as well.  

Here are six leading causes of hair loss:

– Hair styling 

– Stress 

– Age

– Hormone imbalances (including pregnancy and menopause)

– Medical conditions including vitamin and iron deficiencies 

– Mediation and supplements 

After a certain age, hair loss can be hereditary and attributed to natural aging as collagen production decreases in the body. This is referred to as androgenic alopecia, male-pattern baldness, and female-pattern baldness. 

What is Collagen Induction Therapy for hair loss?

Also known as micro-needling, collagen induction therapy is proven to be one of the best hair loss treatments on the market. 

It is used to encourage the body’s natural healing process, which results in the production of new collagen in the area being treated. The process entails using a specifically designed device, to create tiny punctures in the scalp to trigger the healing process, produce collagen and encourage dormant hair follicles to begin producing hair fibres.  

The tiny micro punctures on the scalp also create a channel in which complex vitamins and minerals can be pushed into the deeper layers of skin, to provide the hair follicles with any vitamins needed to support natural repair and healthy growth. 

When beginning your hair loss journey with us, we will invite you for a consultation where our experts will assess your hair and ask you some questions about your lifestyle. This will help us to identify lifestyle changes that may support your treatment path, and we may also suggest dietary supplements to help support and stimulate healthy growth.

What to expect from Treatment

During your collagen induction therapy treatment, a topical numbing agent will be applied to the scalp to help minimise any discomfort. The process isn’t considered painful, but you may feel mild pressure or a tickling sensation.

For the treatment to be effective you will need to undergo more than one session, exactly how many sessions you will need will depend on how severe your condition is. We will discuss this, and the frequency of your treatments during your consultation.  

Can lifestyle Impact hair loss?

When it comes to lifestyle, some factors may contribute to hair loss, and we advise that you are mindful of them to protect your hair where possible and prevent future hair loss.  

Tight hairstyles, heat styling, tight hairstyles that place unnecessary stress on the hair, and chemical treatments, including colourants can damage the hair’s structure, which can lead to breakage, thinning, and hair loss. We recommend that you adapt your hair care routine to support overall hair health.

Diet can also play a role in your hair health, so try to consume a healthy diet that contains plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to help your hair grow healthy.  

For more information on hair loss treatments, or to book a consultation contact Skin NV.

Picture of Author: Dr Natasha Verma

Author: Dr Natasha Verma

Dr Natasha Verma is an established aesthetic doctor with a specialist interest in Asian skin. She has an interest in aesthetic medicine combined with a passion for scientific research, artistry and lifestyle medicine.

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