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Anti Wrinkle Treatment

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What are Anti Wrinkle injections?

With so many years on the market, anti wrinkle injections are still the leading anti ageing treatment. Wrinkle injections offer a quick and easy solution to removing fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows (frown lines) and around your eyes (crow’s feet).

The treatment is available for three main purposes: muscle spasm control, severe underarm sweating, and cosmetic improvements, particularly as an anti-ageing injection. At Skin NV London, we use this anti wrinkle treatment for its miraculous results as an age-reversal treatment. 



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How do they work?

Over time, fine lines and wrinkles can come about as a result of overactive muscles. Skin treatments can improve the situation; however, it’s important to consider the activity of the muscle post-treatment.

Anti wrinkle treatments contain a neurotoxic protein that controls the activation of muscles, and when delivered in small doses, the muscle relaxes. A medical practitioner carries out this procedure and is deemed a medical treatment.

Treatment Benefits

Find out how you can benefit from the anti wrinkle treatment:

Why choose skin NV

Professional skincare solutions from a qualified doctor.

Step-by-step procedure


Prior To The Treatment

Escape into a world of relaxation with our personalised skin consultation with the renowned Dr Natasha Verma. Take a deep breath and let all your worries melt away as she attentively listens to your concerns and expectations. Dr Verma will create a custom homecare and in-clinic treatment regimen designed just for you, ensuring you achieve the natural, long-term desired results. Sit back, unwind, and get ready to indulge in the ultimate experience with us.


During The Treatment

Your skin will be cleansed using a soft, scented Egyptian cotton towel and a gentle topical anaesthetic is then applied to the treatment area, allowing your senses to relax fully. As the anaesthetic takes effect, the anti-wrinkle agent is administered to the associated muscles, causing only a slight pressure sensation.


What To Expect

After the treatment, it's normal to experience mild tenderness in the treated area, which will subside within the hour. The treatment results will usually be visible after 7-10 days; however, you'll still be able to move your muscles freely during this time. Once the outcome becomes visible, you'll enjoy its benefits for 3 to 6 months, allowing you to relax and enjoy the rejuvenating effects fully.



Aftercare is essential to ensure the best results and a comfortable experience. To enhance your relaxation, we recommend avoiding touching or rubbing the treated area to minimise any discomfort. Dr Verma advises refraining from alcohol, other facial treatments, sunbeds, makeup, and strenuous activities for up to 48 hours after treatment to promote a soothing and rejuvenating recovery.

Before & After Anti Wrinkle Injections

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We know that medical aesthetic treatments can be expensive for some. And because we do not want to exclude anyone, at Skin NV London, we offer a “Buy Now, Pay Later” option so you can get the treatments you want without having to pay for them all at once.

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Meet Dr. NV

Dr Natasha Verma is an established aesthetic doctor with a specialist interest in skin and hair.

Her interest in Aesthetic Medicine and her passion for scientific research, artistry, and lifestyle medicine set the foundations of Skin NV.

While continuing virtual consultations for her clients across the globe, she also has different London clinic locations in Barnes, Sheen and Richmond for in-clinic consultations and treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I don’t continue the Anti Wrinkle Treatments, will I age faster?

No. You are ageing daily as it is and when the treatment wears off after 3-6 months, your skin will return to how it was pre-treatment.

Who should not have Anti wrinkle treatments?

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women as the effects on the foetus and baby is not clear.
  • Individuals with Neuro-muscular disorders or active skin disease or infection.
  • All other medical conditions will be discussed at the consultation

What is the difference between dermal fillers & wrinkle injections?

Wrinkle injections reduce muscle and gland activity. Dermal fillers enhance, volumise, lift and support the tissues.

Where can I find anti-wrinkle treatments near me?

For London, the Skin NV clinic is conveniently placed in Barnes an area in the Borough of Richmond. It is very near to Kew Gardens, Mortlake, Hammersmith, Putney, Fulham and Chiswick.

Can I catch a flight after the treatment?

You can fly 24 hours after having the anti wrinkle treatment. However, it is best to consider the treatment 2-3 weeks prior travelling or any big events to ensure the outcome is suitable. 

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