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Chemical Exfoliation For Dark Circle Treatment​

Are you tired of persistent dark circles under your eyes, giving you a fatigued appearance? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. For some, dark circles seem to be a constant struggle. The outermost layer of your skin, the epidermis, constantly sheds dead skin cells. However, this process can sometimes become inefficient, leading to dull, dry skin and dark circles. If you have Indian, Pakistani, or Bangladeshi skin types, you may be more susceptible to this. Fortunately, chemical exfoliation, also known as chemical peels, can help remove these dead skin cells and reveal brighter, healthier skin underneath.

At our clinic, we offer a range of chemical peels, each with their own strength and purpose. Our expert team will assess the severity of your dark circles and skin type to determine the type of peel that is right for you. Some peels are designed to remove only the outermost layer of dead skin cells, while others are more powerful and can penetrate deeper into the skin. Whatever your needs, we’re here to help you achieve brighter, healthier-looking skin.



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Aesthetitian using cotton pads to spread chemical peel solution around the eyes of a woman

How does this work?

Dr Natasha Verma offers a relaxing and effective solution to reduce superficial pigmentation and even your skin tone through a customised combination of solutions applied around the eyes. These medically and clinically proven solutions gently dissolve the bonds that hold dead skin cells in place, allowing healthy cells to receive the oxygen and nutrients they need. In fact, research indicates that up to 80% of skincare products are absorbed after chemical exfoliation, making it an essential step in any beauty routine, particularly for the delicate eye area.

To maintain the best results, this treatment is only available as a course of treatment, subject to a thorough medical skin assessment to ensure optimal results. Dr Verma’s expert care and attention will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated with brighter, healthier-looking eyes.

Treatment Benefits

Find out how you can benefit from a dark circles peel:

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Step-by-step procedure


Prior To The Treatment

During your consultation with Dr Verma, she will assess the underlying causes of your dark circles and recommend personalised lifestyle and homecare guidance to prevent further progression of this skin concern. Dr Verma will then create a customised in-clinic treatment plan that addresses your specific needs to help you achieve brighter and healthier-looking skin. You can relax and trust in Dr Verma's expertise to guide you towards the best possible outcome.


During The Treatment

Dr Natasha Verma will gently apply a customised solution to the skin around your eyes, designed to target the superficial layers and encourage the exfoliation of dead skin cells. These cells are often responsible for pigmentation and fine lines around the eyes, but with this treatment, they will naturally flake away, revealing a healthy, glowing complexion. Relax and let Dr Verma's expertise and care guide you through the rejuvenating process.


What To Expect

During the procedure, you may experience a slight tingling sensation and itchiness, but rest assured, these sensations will subside by the end of your appointment. It is normal to experience mild redness and dry skin for 2-3 days after the treatment, but with Dr Verma's expert care, you can trust that your skin will be left looking and feeling rejuvenated.



Following this treatment, you can resume your regular activities immediately as there is no downtime. However, to ensure optimal results, Dr. Verma recommends refraining from touching or rubbing the treated area and avoiding the application of makeup for 24-48 hours. Additionally, using sunscreen regularly will not only enhance your results but also help prevent the recurrence of superficial hyperpigmentation around the eyes.

Before & After dark circles peel

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Meet Dr. NV

Dr Natasha Verma is an established aesthetic doctor with a specialist interest in skin and hair.

Her interest in Aesthetic Medicine and her passion for scientific research, artistry, and lifestyle medicine set the foundations of Skin NV.

While continuing virtual consultations for her clients across the globe, she also has different London clinic locations in Barnes, Sheen and Richmond for in-clinic consultations and treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes Dark Circles?

They come about as a result of several reasons such as genes, poor skin quality, sleep deprivation, puffy eyes, and many more. However, the cause may be a combination of these factors so we would advise you to have a thorough medical consultation with us to discuss the most suitable solution for your needs.

How to get rid of Dark Circles?

If you have Dark Circles and are looking for treatment, use our contact form to begin your dark circle treatment today.

Which peel is best for dark circles?

The best peel for dark circles depends on the cause of the dark circles. If the dark circles are caused by hyperpigmentation, then a chemical peel with glycolic acid or salicylic acid may be helpful. If the dark circles are caused by hollowing under the eyes, then a filler may be a better option. It is important to note that chemical peels should only be performed by a trained professional. If you are considering a chemical peel for dark circles, be sure to talk to Dr Natasha & she can recommend the best type of treatment for your skin type.

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