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Injecting Muscle Relaxant Into Lips

If you are content with your bottom lip, but desire fuller-looking top lip, or simply want a fuller upper lip without resorting to fillers, then the Lip Flip treatment could be the perfect solution for you.
By relaxing the upper lip muscles, this procedure allows for more of the lip tissue to become visible, resulting in a subtle transformation of 1-2mm, which can make a noticeable difference.

The Lip Flip treatment is particularly effective in revitalizing ageing lips and can be incorporated into a comprehensive treatment plan that includes skin boosters and dermal fillers.



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How does this work?

The neurotoxic protein agent inhibits muscle activation, leading to muscle relaxation when administered in small doses. By targeting the upper lip muscles, this muscle relaxant can gently turn your lips outwards by a few millimetres, revealing more lip tissue and creating an illusion of fuller lips. This conservative approach to lip enhancement is an excellent option for those who are hesitant about undergoing dermal filler treatment.

It is worth noting that this procedure is a medical treatment and should only be performed by a qualified medical practitioner.

Treatment Benefits

Find out how you can benefit from the lip flip treatment:

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Step-by-step procedure


Prior To The Treatment

Scheduling a consultation with Dr Verma is vital to determine whether this treatment is appropriate for your facial features and desired outcome. During your consultation, Dr Verma will evaluate your facial proportions and create a customised treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.


During The Treatment

To minimize any discomfort during the superficial injections into your upper lip skin, a topical anaesthetic will be applied to numb the area beforehand. It may take 7-10 days for the effects to become apparent, and you should expect a subtle improvement in the appearance of your lips. After this time, you can evaluate the outcome and decide whether it meets your expectations or whether you would like to pursue additional enhancements with dermal fillers.


What To Expect

It is normal to experience some initial blebs on your skin after receiving the agent, but please don't worry as these typically settle within 24-48 hours. You may also notice some mild redness and tenderness, but rest assured that these symptoms should resolve within 2-3 days.



To ensure optimal results and minimize any risk of the agent spreading to unwanted areas, we kindly ask that you refrain from touching the treated area or applying makeup for at least 24 hours following the procedure. We also suggest avoiding facial treatments, saunas, and hot tubs for a minimum of 48 hours after treatment. By following these simple steps, you can rest assured that you are taking the necessary precautions to achieve the best possible outcome.

Before & After Lip Flip

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Meet Dr. NV

Dr Natasha Verma is an established aesthetic doctor with a specialist interest in skin and hair.

Her interest in Aesthetic Medicine combined with her passion for scientific research, artistry, and lifestyle medicine set the foundations of Skin NV.

While continuing virtual consultations for her clients across the globe, she also has different London clinic locations in Barnes, Sheen and Richmond, for in-clinic consultations and treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can I have a lip flip treatment?

The FDA has approved muscle-relaxing injectables for use in people 18 and older. If you are interested in getting a lip flip treatment, it is important to talk to your doctor about your age and whether or not you are a good candidate for the procedure.

Will I look unnatural or frozen after lip flip treatment?

The goal of a lip flip is to relax the muscles around the mouth so that the upper lip can curl upwards, creating a fuller appearance. If too much product is injected or injected in the wrong place, it can cause the lips to look unnatural or frozen. To avoid this, choosing a qualified & experienced doctor with experience, such as Dr Natasha, to perform lip flip treatments is important. Your doctor should also be able to assess your individual needs and goals to determine the correct amount of product to inject.

What can muscle-relaxing injectables be used for?

The injectable used by Dr Natasha can reduce the activity of muscles, sweat glands and sebaceous glands anywhere on the body.

For example:
• Lip flip, Bunny Lines, Gummy smiles
• Frown lines, Forehead lines, Crow’s feet
• Grinding of teeth
• Scarring
• Enlarged pores
• Oily skin & Hyperhidrosis (Excessive sweating)
• Migraines / Headaches

Who should not have lip treatment?

People who should not have a lip flip treatment include:
• People who are pregnant or breastfeeding
• People with allergies to ingredients in the injection
• People with autoimmune disorders
• People with bleeding disorders
• People with active infections at the injection site
• People who are taking blood thinners
• People who are taking medications that can weaken the immune system

Talking to your doctor about your medical history before getting a lip flip treatment is important. They can help you determine if the procedure is right for you.

Who can perform muscle relaxing injectables?

Our product is a prescription-only drug, meaning only a medical practitioner can prescribe this. However, anyone can administer it due to this industry’s lack of UK regulation.

It is always advised that you seek advice regarding such treatments from a qualified and experienced medical practitioner for several reasons.

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