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Making the most of your online consultation

To make the most of your online communication with Skin NV, we have proposed some recommendations for taking & sharing optimal photos of your concerns. High-quality photographs will help us better assess your condition & propose an accurate and customised treatment plan .


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Get Your Phone Ready

Clean Your Phone’s Camera Lens
Use Your Default Camera App & Mode
Do Not Use Third Party Apps/Modes with Image Filters

Lighting & Location

Take Photos in a Well-Lit Environment
If Outdoors, Around The Time of Sunrise or Sunset
If Indoors, Try Taking Photos in a Space with Natural Light
Find A Clean & Plain Coloured Background
Do Not Take Photos Under Dull, Dim, Harsh or Colourful Light
The Light Source Shouldn’t Come from Behind You

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Capturing Photos

Keep Your Camera Steady & Tap to Focus on the Subject
Take Long & Close Up Shots from Different Angles
Do Not Take Photos while in Motion
Do Not Use In-App Zoom, Move Your Phone Instead

Sharing Photos

Share Minimum 1 or Maximum 3 Good- Quality Photos
Do Not Use Social Media or Chat Apps to Share Photos
Do Not Edit Your Photos Before Sending Them

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What our clients say

Prab Saundh
Prab Saundh
13 March 2024
I found Dr Verma's website following a search for chemical peels around the eyes. During my first consultation, Dr Verma spent time explaining the options available to me and tailored a treatment plan in line with my concerns. The peels have been very successful and I am very pleased with the results. I am also using the skincare products she recommended and they have made a significant difference in the health of my skin overall. Eliza is also fantastic to deal with. A great team all around!
Hira Tanvir
Hira Tanvir
11 March 2024
Dr. Verma was knowledgeable and took time to research & answer any questions I had in detail. Her approach was very personalised and less like a sales pitch which i really appreciated as it made me feel like she really values customer satisfaction over profit. My biggest concern as a south Asian female was hyperpigmentation and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation as a result of any harsh treatment, and Dr. Verma very meticulously curated a treatment regime that worked with my skin type. She is also a great listener and has a very warm-caring personality. I recommend her very highly, especially to those of south Asian background who would benefit from someone who actually understands our skin types and skin concerns.
Abena Sannie
Abena Sannie
7 March 2024
I happen to come across Skin NV by chance. I can honestly say it's the best. In the 3 months I've been seeing Dr Verma my skin has only gotten better and better with all her recommendations. She always makes you feel welcome and listens to your concerns without been pushy.
Kiran Khan-Vicary
Kiran Khan-Vicary
11 February 2024
Had my initial consultation with Dr Natasha Verma and she was very understanding of my skin issues. Very intune with catering to Asian skin. She has recommended a skin care plan for me and I will update this review depending how that goes. I'm very happy moving forward ☺️
Jessica Knowles-Mofford
Jessica Knowles-Mofford
20 December 2023
Dr Verma is fantastic. My skin looks much clearer and happier. Highly recommended!
swati vyas
swati vyas
15 December 2023
Hi Dr.Natasha sorry it took me a while to write it. But better late than never. I have been following Dr Natasha for few years now but one day took a leap of faith and contacted her which was my correct decision. I contacted the dr for my skin concerns and she was very quick to respond via a quick call. She listened patiently to all of my concerns and helped me to make right choices.I was never ready to leave my house without make up because of my uneven skin tone but her guidance improved my skin tone but also made me gained confidence to walk out without the makeup. Also,Eliza her colleague is absolutely amazing she is always quick to come back with all questions you ask her . I would definitely recommend speaking to the dr for any skin issues or concerns you have. I will definitely keep asking you for help Dr Natasha. Thank you
Grace Minns
Grace Minns
8 December 2023
Dr Verma has been wonderful! From my first consultation appointment I was provided with information about my skin type and how I could improve with a few subtle changes to my skincare routine. Microneeding has honestly been a miracle treatment for me; improving my overall skin tone and helping to prevent breakouts! During each treatment Dr Verma made sure I was comfortable and has always followed up with how I am feeling after each treatment. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!
jane bulankina
jane bulankina
17 November 2023
I am VERY impressed with the service, communication and professionalism of Dr Verma and her team. I don’t think I’ve ever been provided such customer service before, you know absolutely every step of the treatments and if any questions, her team is just a WhatsApp away! You won’t get this kind of personalised service in corporate companies! As an independent specialist, her approach is aimed to choose the products that match your specific issue rather than trying to sell you “brands”. I can see the results and will be going back for more! Highly recommend.
shehnaz raniwalla
shehnaz raniwalla
24 August 2023
Dr Verma, is amazing. I am having a micro needling. She took the time to hear my concerns. To work on being blemish free and even out my skin tone. I have a few previous spot scars. Having had a treatment from Dr Verma before I knew I was in good hands. She was great during the session, ensuring that I had time to acclimatise the sensation of the micro needling. Even post treatment I had a few concerns, she alleviated them quickly and easily. I would highly recommend her. Thank you Dr Verma.
Collin Stacy
Collin Stacy
20 June 2023
My lower lip always has been fuller than my upper lip. After some research on Google, I can across the lip flip treatment. Did not even know this existed. But I am glad I found Skin NV in London, where I had my lip flip treatment. The treatment itself was quick and painless. Dr Natasha explained everything to me in detail before starting, which put me at ease. I can already see the results, and very pleased with my upper lip looking fuller. I still need a couple of days to see the full result, but so far, I am very happy.

Meet Dr. NV

Dr Natasha Verma is an established aesthetic doctor with a specialist interest in skin and hair.

Her interest in Aesthetic Medicine combined with her passion for scientific research, artistry, and lifestyle medicine set the foundations of Skin NV.

While continuing virtual consultations for her clients across the globe, she also has different London clinic locations in Barnes, Sheen and Richmond, for in-clinic consultations and treatments.

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