The NV Experience In-Clinic

Expert Care

"Caring for yourself is Self-Preservation, Not Self Indulgence"

– Dr Natasha Verma

You’re special to us and that’s why we make sure your journey with Skin NV is special too.
It’s the perfect way to escape and re-charge yourself, so that you can re-enter the world as a more confident you.

Reconnect With Yourself

Come on in and close the door behind you, shutting out all the noise and chaos of the world. Make yourself comfortable whilst we serve you a refreshing, calming beverage of your choice.

Nice To Meet You

Within your consultation appointment, we will spend our time listening to your concerns and fully understand your expectations of the NV journey. Along with a thorough skin assessment, a lifestyle and nutritional assessment will also be completed to see how this journey can fit into your life. This will enable us to devise a practical treatment plan with realistic outcomes.

Dr. Natasha Verma | Skin NV London

Signature Experience

Walk into our scented rooms that are designed to help you relax your mind, body and soul. Breathe deeply, and forget everything by listening to soothing music and allow yourself to be swept up into this new world.

From your initial appointment and throughout your treatments, we are keen to provide a revitalising journey. Please refer to the rejuvenating treatments page to see how we intend to make your NV experience a memorable one.

Our Gift To You

At Skin NV, we believe in a holistic approach so at your initial in-clinic consultation, you will receive:

  •  Welcome Gift Pack* (containing complimentary recommended skincare products).
  •  A personalised skincare regime.
  •  Full lifestyle and nutritional guidance.

* currently not available for Covid-19 security purposes

What our Lovely Clients are saying

We wanted to share with you some of the wonderful skin & hair journeys we have been involved in. 
Thank you to all our clients who have taken the time to share such kind thoughts.

Let Us Help You

Take The First Step

We are here to listen and to understand your concerns. A detailed consultation will for allow a thorough assessment of what we can do to help you.


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