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Pigmentation is a common skin condition. It can manifest itself in various forms, including melasma, hyperpigmentation and age spots. Our innovative treatments can effectively reduce pigmentation, regardless of your skin type.

skinnv dark circles treatment solutions

Dark Circles

Dark circles can make you seem tired and exhausted even if you aren’t, and they can definitely can make you appear aged. They come about as a result of several reasons such as genes, poor skin quality, sleep deprivation, puffy eyes and many more. However, the cause may be a combination of these factors so we would advise you to have a thorough medical consultation with us to discuss the most suitable solution for your needs.

Wrinkles & Lines

Wrinkles form for many reasons including natural ageing, sun damage, repetitive facial movements and smoking. From crow’s feet and frown lines to the smile lines, our tailor made aesthetic treatments target wrinkles while focusing on natural-looking results.

Ageing (Sagging Skin)

Collagen and elastin are the naturally-occurring proteins found in the skin’s connective tissues, responsible for maintaining its firmness and elasticity. As we grow older collagen and elastin production decreases and we notice sagging, decrease in volume, lines and wrinkles. 

Acne (Spots & Breakouts)

Acne is known to affect teenagers due to changes in hormone levels but adults can also suffer. Living with acne is not pleasant whether it is still active or now remains as scarring and pigmentation. Hormonal changes or imbalance, excess sebum production, family history, Polycystic ovary syndrome are all possible causes of acne and need to be appropriately examined to determine the cause. We are an accredited treatment centre for Acne; awarded by the ARAUK charity organisation. Book a consultation today to create a personalised plan for your skin. 


The most typical characteristic symptom of Rosacea is redness. Flushing is most likely to affect multiple areas of the face whilst soreness, sensitivity and painful spots can also develop. We are an accredited treatment centre for Rosacea; awarded by the charity organisation ARAUK. Book a consultation with us so we can determine the severity of your Rosacea and the best treatment option for you.

Dry & Oily Skin

Skin can be dry, oily or a combination of both. Your skin may feel tight and be flakey if it is dry and if its oily, it will appear to be shiny and may be prone to acne/spots. Majority of the causes can be eliminated with lifestyle and nutritional advice. However,  medical grade treatments and skin care can accelerate the process in a safe manner. Book a consultation with us to determine the best treatment plan and home-care products for your skin. 

Large Pores

Open pores can appear unsightly and when they trap dirt, you skin can appear dull and unhealthy. You may even find that your make-up doesn’t sit smoothly on your skin, in fact, foundation can make your open pores more prominent. Open or large pores are associated with many lifestyle and diet factors. We will address those factors and advise the use of research-rich products and active treatments that will reduce pore size improving the quality and appearance of your skin.


Your scars can remind you of your body’s strength. However, sometimes you don’t wish to be defined by your experiences. There are numerous evidence-enforced methods that can minimise and eliminate these reminders. Book a consultation with us today to explore all the options available for you.

Thin Lips

The most prominent and aesthetically-pleasing facial feature are the lips. Well-defined lips alone can reduce the appearance of an ageing face and further enhance beauty and symmetry. Here at Skin NV, we skilfully create well-proportioned lips ensuring a natural result.

Teeth Grinding

Whether it is the stress of life or a sub-conscious habit, teeth grinding can cause headaches, jaw-aches and even damage your teeth. By relaxing the muscles responsible for this action, grinding can be reduced or eliminated providing that much needed relief.

Gummy Smile

Gummy smiles can also be known as a high smile line, where it is considered that too much gum is visible upon smiling. This comes about as a result of an extra strong upper lip muscle that pulls the upper lip too high. There are non-invasive techniques to relax the upper lip muscle or masking the high smile line.

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